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Polk News - 1926
Submitted by: Nancie O'Sullivan
June 11, 1925
Summer tourists are beginning to pour into our little town, as it is now hot weather in the South.
MRS. H.P. LOCKE and MISS ROSA BOX have opened their large boarding house, " Fair View", also their cottages are rented for the summer, and they expect a very large number of boarders this summer.
The Melrose Inn Hotel has opened for the summer under the management of the MISSES HERIOT and tourist are also filling this large hotel.
MISS CLIDE HILL of Saluda and MR. ARNOLD VICKERS of Hendersonville were quietly married in Spartanburg on Sunday, May 31.
MR. WALTER THOMPSON has started a nice bungalow on Louisana Avenue.
June 18, 1925
We are glad to welcome our good and faithful mail carrier MR. R.L. WILSON around by us again.
MR. C.V. ELLIOTT has purchased a 'John Henry Ford ' recently.
MRS. SALLIE JACKSON has been on the sick list this past week. We hope the aged mother will soon recover.
MRS. HENRY GIBSON has been ill with tonsillitis.
Several from this section attended the singing at Mountain Home last Sunday from which all reported a very nice time.
MRS. G.L. TAYLOR visited MRS. S.J. HELTON Sunday afternoon.
MRS. HOBART WHITESIDE is very ill at this writing. Her friends wishes her a speedy recovery.
MISS RUTH BYERS was the guest of her friends MISSES MYRTLE and CARRIE BRADLEY Sunday.
MR. TERREL TAYLOR and CHARLES BROWN were out riding Sunday in MR. BROWN'S new car that he has recently purchased.
The singing at the home of MR. T.F. MILLS was greatly enjoyed by all who were present.
June 25, 1925
MISS ANNIE SMITH of Spartanburg, who last year managed and conducted the Y.W.C.A. Summer camp, will assume management of the New Adventure, which will no doubt become a very popular place to dine. A special feature will be Sunday dinners, also orders will be taken for special meals. The people of Polk County gladly welcome MISS SMITH and wish for her a splendid season.
JAMES MOORE, the popular and accommodating clerk at Andrews Bros. has returned home with his family from a most enjoyable vacation. The MOORE'S visited with JIM'S father, N.D. MOORE and family at Rutherfordton and were participants in several fishing parties and long auto drives. They were accompanied home by a little niece, BEATRICE MOORE, who spent several days in Tryon.
JOHN BOBO and BILL SAYER, accompanied by a friend of MR. BOBO'S from his home town, Roebuck, S.C., are spending several weeks in New York, Washington and other Northern cities. Leaving Tryon two weeks ago by auto.
Born to MR. CLARENCE JACKSON , a girl. { guess his wife had nothing to do with this ! }
MRS. SALLIE PRINCE, an elderly lady of Melvin Hill, the widow of BILLY PRINCE, who died several years ago, died of a stroke and buried at the family burying ground near her home. She left several children; Messrs. RALPH and CLARENCE of Columbus, ROBERT C. of near Melvin Hill and MRS. R.O. COVINGTON, Melvin Hill.
REV. ELBERT JACKSON formerly of this place but now Chesnee, S.C. has been in the Rutherfordton hospital for some time.
MRS. GRACE HINES GREENE and little son, J. NORMAN are visiting her parents, MR. and MRS. S.L. HINES this week.
MRS. NELSON JACKSON has taken her 3 children to her father's home in Spartanburg during MR. JACKSON'S absence on an extensive business trip for Jackson and Jackson.
Thursday, May 28, 1925
Written by MRS. C.W. MORGAN
A wave of sadness swept over the community Wednesday morning May 20th, caused by the death of MRS. JAMES LANKFORD. She had been critically ill with pneumonia for 10 days.
MRS. LANKFORD before her marriage was MISS MAMIE GAZE of Asheville, where she has a host of relatives and friends. She was a niece of the late Judge SHUFORD, a well-known citizen of Asheville.
She had been a faithful and consistent member of the Methodist Church since her girlhood and those who knew her best, know that she has gone to reap a bountiful reward for the many deeds of kindness shown in her comparatively short life here.
MRS. LANKFORD is survived by her husband and six children, a father, mother, 4 brothers and 2 sisters and a host of friends.
Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church. The family has the sympathy of the entire community in their deep loss.
CLARENCE O. RIDINGS, son of MR. and MRS. J.I. RIDINGS of Polk County, a promising young attorney connected with the law firm of McRORIE and RIDINGS of Forest City and Rutherfordton was married to MISS MAUDE CARSWELL of Forest City, at the home of REV. ELBERT JACKSON, Chesnee, S.C. , last Thursday.
The happy couple left for a tour of Western N.C. after which they will be at home in Forest City. MISS CARSWELL, is the daughter of MR. and MRS. R.W. CARSWELL of Forest City and a former employee in the post office at that place.
OLIVER ANDREWS, proprietor of Andrews Bros. store claims to have the only hare-lipped cat in captivity. Those having seen the unique specimen of felinity say that it is indeed an unusual speciman. Incidently, OLIVER is always pleased to show his pet.
MR. J.N. GARRETT and MR.FRANK GARRETT of Mill Spring have been added to the 'News' rapidly growing list of subscribers. More and more the up-to-date farmers throughout the county are realizing that the News in their home is an asset, not a luxury.




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