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Polk County News
Submitted by Nancie O'Sullivan
Thursday, Jan. 7, 1904
The Inn is three thousand feet above sea level, nesting among the mountains, surrounded by a level serpentine drive two miles in length, with mountain peaks 500 feet above, which, in turn, have winding paths to summits. The many springs which flow from these peaks form the head waters of the famous Shunkawauken Falls-
a fine place to spend the Winter. Healthy climate, plenty of fruit and good spring water. For other information or address- MRS. M.E. STEVENSON, Proprietress, Columbus, N.C.

MELVIN HILL - March 24.

S.E. HEAD made a business trip to Spartanburg Monday.

MISS NANNIE SHIELDS, of Blacksburg, S.C., and MISS JOSEPHINE MORGAN, a teacher of Wake Forest school, were guests of MRS. H.E. HEAD last Saturday and Sunday.
VADEN BLACKWOOD and MISS NORA BRANNON were united in the bonds of matrimony at the residence of the bride's father last Sunday. Blessed be the tie that binds their hearts in conjugal love.
BELTON GREENLEE held an entertainment here with his graphophone last Friday night. The young people of this place had many of the older ones turned out and were well entertained.
We were very sorry to hear of DR. H.H. EDWARDS misfortune. He had a fine four year old horse to die one night recently. The cause of death is not ascertained.
Last second Sunday, W.P. EDWARDS, had a fine milk cow to die. Quite a loss to him.
MONROE GOSNELL'S mule died recently. We hope that the three men will not feel their loss very long.
MR. and MRS. R.E. WALDROP, and MRS. JOHN DALTON, went over to Rutherfordton one day recently to see MRS. ELIZABETH WALDROP who is quite ill. " Aunt Lizzie ", has many warm friends around Mill Springs, who are sorry to hear of her present condition.
MR. RICHARD TURNER, has moved his saw mill to our town.
MR. H.K. FINGER, has his shingle mill in operation.
REV. H.L. POWELL and his brother, QUINCY, have purchased the WOMACK and POWELL Saw mill, at Poplar Grove, and are doing good work on that side of the River.
MRS. MILO FOSTER and daughter, ROSA, of Bright, were in town recently. They and MRS. J.R. FOSTER, visited MRS. E.L. HAGUE, in the afternoon.
MRS. PRUDEN, is a guest at Mite Inn. Educational interest brought her here.
Old Uncle CALVIN SPLAWN, one of Polk's energic men has been quite sick.
TRYON- April 28

Quite a number of Tryonites are attending the Spring Music Festival in Spartanburg.
MISS ETHEL KILLIAN who has been with her Aunt, MRS. MARKHAM the past winter, left for her home in Colorado, Monday.
A very enjoyable Christian Endeavor Social was held at MRS. DOWES Monday evening, refreshments of sandwiches, lemonade, and cake were served.
COLUMBUS - March 24
It was quite amusing on Wednesday morning to see about half the town residents and half a dozen dogs chasing a poor little rabbit.
F.M. STEARNS had the mountain road to Log Cabin Inn repaired this week. Two of MR. HUTCHERSON'S boys did the work.
W.H. McFARLAND of Tryon acted as Register of Deeds Friday and Saturday, during the absence of his son-in-law, F.M. BURGESS.
T.E. WALKER is getting the lot between his dwelling and THE NEWS Office in shape for cultivation. He anticipates planting it in cotton.
W.D. DONNAHOO, son of J.A. DONNAHOO, of Melvin Hill helped MR. L. TALLANT build a Wagon shed Tuesday and Wednesday. He returned home Wednesday evening.
The thunder and lightening storm of Tuesday night burnt out a number of the phones. MR. HUGHES went right to work and repaired them.
A nice line of summer pants at McMURRAY and CLOUD.
MR. J.R. SMITH is hauling cross ties to Landrum, every day or two.
MR. and MRS. J.T. DANIEL of Landrum, were here Tuesday as guests of MRS. DANIEL'S father, MR. N.H. HILL.
MY HOUSE of Seven Rooms in Columbus, is FOR SALE or RENT- W.A. CANNON, Lynn, N.C.
LYNN MORGAN was arraigned before Justice of the Peace L.L. TALLANT, last Saturday, charged with assaulting his wife with a deadly weapon. He was found guilty and bound over to Superior court. He was also put under a $1,000. peace bond for three months. In lieu of the bond he gave his mortgage of his own property. The case will probably be tried at the coming term of court. The attorneys in the case are , J.P. MORRIS, for MR. MORGAN and J.E. SHIPMAN for MRS. MORGAN.
Feb. 18, 1904
JIM HICKS, a white man, was shot and instantly killed last Thursday night by a man named to be WAKEFIELD. The shooting occurred near what was known as the Block House, an old distillery near Tryon, just across the North and South Carolina state line, in Greenville Co. HICKS was second hand in the weave room of the Union cotton mill and it is said has also worked at Whitney and Spartan Mill. He leaves a wife and one son 14 years old. The men were in a dispute over a cock fight which was in progress at that place. Words passed and as a result HICKS was killed.
Chief of Police WATSON of Waynesville, N.C., notified Sheriff GILREATH of Greenville Co., S.C., on March 3rd that THOMAS WAKEFIELD charged with the murder of JAMES HICKS near the Block House 10 days ago, has been captured and lodged in jail. The message also stated that Wakefields brother, who was implicated by the coroner's jury, would soon be caught, as it is known where he was hiding.
The prisoner will be brought to Greenville to await trial at the next term of the general sessions court.
This is the second time Wakefield has been arrested. He was a native of Union county.
Sheriff REID, of Buncombe County, was in the town Sunday on business.
MR. and MRS. GEO. A. SMITH and daughter, MISS EDITH of Spartanburg, are visiting MRS. SMITH'S mother, MRS. HARLOW.
MR. and MRS. J.B. HESTER and children visited relatives in Easley, S.C. over Sunday. MR. B.L. BALLENGER was in MR. HESTER'S place at the depot.
G.G. WEAVER'S house was destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon. It is thought the fire originated around the kitchen stove flue. There was some insurance.
MR. and MRS. WILSON have many friends in Tryon who are glad to see them back.
MRS. R.A. DENTON, formerly of this place, but now residing in Spartanburg, visiting friends and relatives here this week.
VANCE TALLANT is now making strides as a stock raiser and is buying up all the calves he can get.
MR. F.A. BRIDGES, of Charlotte, spent a day here recently investing this section. He contemplates purchasing a farm with a view to locating here. We hope MR. BRIDGES will find it to his advantage to become a citizen of Polk county.
C.C. WEST purchased the old shingles which came of the old roof of the Baptist church.
ARTHUR SMITH of Rutherfordton was in town last Tuesday .
While MR. JAMES GIBBS of Bright was out hewing timber one day last week, a tree fell on him, but we are glad to report that he is not seriously hurt. DR. H.H. EDWARDS attended.
GEORGE MILLER, who was employed with the Finger Lumber Co., met with a painful accident last week, having two fingers cut of by the saw.
MR. JAMES RUCKER is still suffering.
MR. J.H. PRICHARD'S house was burned down one day last week. Nothing was saved.
Little LEILIA WALKER, fell down a bank last Saturday and broke her arm. We miss her in school and are very anxious for an early recovery.
Sawdust is being placed on the sidewalks. This is done to prevent so much mud. We hope that the inhabitants on each street will take advantage of the opportunity and do likewise.
MR. C. GIBBS, is repairing the old shop fronting the Rucker cottage.
HATTIE PRICE has been sick but we trust e're this published that she will be able to resume her studies.
Born to MR. and MRS. JOHN KERR, a daughter. May the little one prove to be a Blessing to its parents.
MR. ROY GIBBS killed a fatted calf days ago and made his friends merry.
MESSRS. COLONEL WILLIAMS, JOE STEPP and JASON DODSON and family, all of Hendersonville county, were visitors here Saturday night.
Word came to the home of MR. BROWN last Tuesday that his daughter, JANE BROWN, was dead at her home in Asheville. The body was taken to the home of her parents Friday. The funeral took place Saturday . Rev. G.F. WOLF conducted the service.

Thursday, Nov. 17, 1904
Many People Attended Funeral at Landrum
N.H. HILL, the oldest citizen in Columbus, died Tuesday morning a short time after midnight. The end came peacefully. He was conscious most of the time and in a few hours before death came he seemed to doze into a restful sleep.
MR. HILL had been ailing at intervals since last spring and for the past several weeks had been confined to his room. " Squire " Hill, as he was generally called, was 84 years old and had been in robust health most all his life. He loved the outdoor work and was conceded to be the best gardener in the town.
He attended church and Sunday School regularly and was ever ready to aid in religious work.
Mr. Hill leaves a wife and nine children, six boys and three girls. The children are all living but are scattered in different places. WALTER E. HILL the youngest son has always lived at home, with his father.
At MR. HILL'S own request he was buried in Wolf's Creek Baptist Church cemetery near Landrum, of which church he was a member. The service was very impressive and was attended by about 85 people.
Mr. Hill's presence will be greatly missed by the community.
At the Tryon Baptist Church Wednesday, Dec. 14th, MISS NANNIE LEE PAGE, daughter of MR. and MRS. MINOR WINN PAGE, was married to GEORGE ALFRED GASH. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W.W. JONES.
The church which had been beautifully decorated by MISS CUSHING, PROF. GREEN and other's, was filled with friends of bride and groom.
While the strain of mendelson's wedding march filled the church the bridal party entered, lead by the ushers, A.L. HILL and B.L. BALLENGER. The groomsmen , W.A. STEARNS and the bridesmaid, MISS SWAIN of Spartanburg, followed , then came the groom.
The bride resting on the arm of her father brought up the rear of the procession. The bride's dress was of white crepe dechine, with shirred chiffon yolk and was trimmed with lace medallions. She carried a bouquet of white roses.
While Messrs. WAIT ROLLINS and WAITSELL GARRETT were hauling coal for the Balfour Quarry Co., last Monday, one of their fine oxen was taken suddenly sick. MR. GARRETT was despatched to Rockliff with care under sealed orders but alas ! e're he returned the poor beast was dead. It was at first suggested that the Coroner be summoned, but about this time MR. JIM HICKS appeared on the scene and offered to act as Coroner for the time being. A " post office" examination was held over poor old Buck's remains and it was decided he died for the want of breath as there was no apparent sign that he had any breath left. The pallbearers were Messrs. ROLLINS and GARRETT, who took poor old Buck down to the creek and left him in peace. Poor Buck is gone.
MR. J.E. PEARSON is building a cottage for J.W. HEATHERLY the day operator at the depot.
MR. L.L. McDOWELL has quit the saw mill business and gone back to Spartanburg.
MR. G.W. PEARSON is running a saw mill down near Lynn.
MR. PAGE ROLLINS is putting wood on the road for shipment.
MR. S.O. JOHNSON is night operator at the depot.
MR. EARL CANTRELL of Landrum was here Saturday.




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