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If you have additional titles that could be added to this page, please let me know. Or if you own any of these books and would be willing to do lookups, that would be much appreciated by all.

Dr. Columbus Mills: The father of Polk County, North Carolina and some allied Mills families 1698-1987 by Mary Nancy Mills

Early Tourism in Western North Carolina (NC) (Images of America) by Stephen C. Compton

Mountain Myth: Unionism in Western North Carolina  by Terrell T. Garren

The Heart of Confederate Appalachia: Western North Carolina in the Civil War (Civil War America) by John C.

The Polk County News (1894)
Began in 1894?  (earliest known issue: Jan. 9, 1902)
Ceased in 1915;  Last known issue: Nov. 26, 1915
OCLC #30712075
Merged with: Tryon Bee, to form: Polk County News and the Tryon Bee
Published in Tryon, N.C.: Jan. 2-May 1,1914?
Published in Saluda, N.C.: May 15, 1914-Nov. 16, 1915

The Polk County News (1920)
Began in 1920 (earliest known issue: July 30, 1920)
Ceased in 1955;  Last known issue: June 18, 1943
OCLC #30712141
Continues: Polk County News and the Tryon Bee
Absorbed by: Tryon Daily Bulletin

Polk County News and the Tryon Bee
Began in 1915 (earliest known issue: Dec. 3, 1915)
Ceased in 1920; Last known issue: June 11, 1920
OCLC #30712111
Formed by the union of: Polk County News (1894), and: Tryon Bee
Continued by: Polk County News (1920)

Tryon Bee
Earliest and last known issue: Dec. 6, 1913
Ceased in 1915
OCLC #41398677
Merged with: Polk County News (1894), to form: Polk County News and the Tryon Bee

The Tryon Daily Bulletin
Began in 1928 (earliest known issue: Jan. 31, 1928)
Last known issue: Dec. 31, 1979
OCLC #11921827
Absorbed: The Polk County News (1920)
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