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        Polk County North Carolina

A county created, then abolished, and again established - that is Polk County which survived a bitter controversy over where the county seat should be located.

The area now embraced in Polk County in the southwestern corner of North Carolina was settled long before the American Revolutionary War. The early tide of settlement acted as a buffer between Cherokee Indians in the West and the white settlers in the East. Cherokees had occupied the entire Alleghany Mountain area from the Blue Ridge to the Cumberland range, including the western half of Polk. Little evidence is available that they had villages in this territory. However, large numbers of the tribe used the lands as hunting grounds in summer. Hostile feelings on the Cherokees' part toward white settlers were a menace to people living near the foothills. See more

The Polk County NCGenWeb accepts records of all types.  Please feel free to send us your Family files, Court Records, Obituaries, Wills, Deeds, Vital Records, Cemetery photos & transcriptions and more.

Please consider making a contribution today!


In a mere 24 hours the site has grown by leaps and bounds!  I have redesigned the whole thing and put it on a new domain.  I really enjoyed reading all of the old newspapers that Nancie O'Sullivan kindly gave me permission to put on the site.  I linked the information in them to the appropriate categories.

Pages to the left need your information!and are placed on the site because
this is the information that I would like to include here.  Just because there is
a page, doesn't mean information has been submitted.

Census transcribers are needed so that we can get the Polk county Census online!
If you are interested in Transcribing the Polk County Census please email me.

I am looking for volunteers to do look-ups from materials (books) that you have access to.  If you would like to volunteer, please send your information to me.


The county is divided into six townships: Columbus, Cooper's Gap, Green Creek, Saluda, Tryon, and White Oak (Source: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) The Library of Congress site is down for repairs but once it is back up, you may be able to find a township map there.)

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